Front Door Appliance Guide – Montclair House

We use the Nuki Smart Lock that not only provides excellent security but also extremely easy access. You can download the Nuki App from and then we can send you the appropriate access. Each guest is given time controlled access meaning that there is no risk that any guest staying before or after your an have access tot he apartment. Our cleaners will also have access but again, only on the days and time frame for check in and out so not when you re staying. This means there is no risk of a previous guest copying a key or loosing a key and it then becoming a problem, with the Nuki system in place, it is 100% secure.

What is really important is that when you lock the door, make sure you pull the door handle up to engage the latch first and always check that the door is locked by testing the handle after engaging the lock.

Below is the video on how to use the Lock